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Outsourced Payroll


Independent Payroll ServicesĀ is a one-stop solutions provider for your recruitment agency for all of your backoffice needs including payroll of internal & external staff. These functions albeit essential may not be the core of your business. And yet they would seem to come across as labour intensive eg. accounting processes such as account receivables/ payables, invoicing, production of employee timesheets, claims, expenses, and payroll management.
Your employees would be entitled to avail the following salary packaging benefits:


a. Fringe Benefit Tax or FBT Exempt Claim

Your employees may claim exempt from tax for certain work related items purchased by them during a financial year. This includes PDA, Mobile Phone, Laptop/Notebook, Portable Printer for use with Laptop/Notebook, Briefcase, Calculator, and Software (for job use).


b. Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)

We can facilitate LAFHA claims for your employees when they meet required conditions.


c. Salary Sacrificing to Superannuation

Contractors or employees who wish to contribute an extra percentage of their earnings towards their superannuation can do so and also claim an exemption from tax for such amounts. The money in Superannuation account is taxed at a flat rate of 15% and thus the contractor can save on tax.


d. Novated Lease

A contractor or employee who wishes to buy, rent or purchase a new or old vehicle can claim tax exemption for the lease amount. Tax may be reduced by paying normal car expenses (including installments for the car, fuel and maintenance) through pre-tax income. Also on a purchase of a new vehicle the GST is not payable by the contractor or employee.

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