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IPS for Recruitment Agencies & Recruiters

What Independent Payroll Services Can Do For Recruitment Agencies & Recruiters

Recruitment agencies ensure that staffing requirements are met for varied levels and roles in companies from a wide range of industries. Independent Payroll Services can help you reduce paperwork by taking on administrative tasks, maximizing your revenues so you can do what you do best – staffing & recruitment.


Independent Payroll Services Partners With Recruiters



For all your outsourced back-office recruitment needs, Independent Payroll Services partners with you by servicing your payroll needs. Finance and administrative professionals here have primary functions designed to support

  • Payroll and taxation
  • Administrative and financial facilitation of varying tax brackets
  • Salary packaging
  • FBT claims
  • Superannuation
  • Support for different worker compensation structures
  • Paperwork and administration of insurance, taxes, timesheets and expense handling

We provide end to end back-office solutions that start with payroll and salary packaging benefits


Independent Payroll Services has Preferred Supplier Agreement (PSA) with some of the leading recruitment agencies in Australia like InterPro, Orbital Recruitment and TRA











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