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A Glimpse at the gamut of PAYG Services offered by IPS

A Glimpse at the gamut of PAYG Services offered by IPS

In Independent Payroll Services (IPS), we offer our PAYG services to contractors who are basically looking to process and manage their wages in a proficient manner. We offer an array of services at an affordable management fee.

Tax is deducted in each pay period and duly submitted to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on your behalf.

We manage your super funds by deducting the statutory superannuation from your pay and deposit it to your nominated fund account every quarter. Moreover you can also make arrangements for increasing the superannuation percentage at any time of the year without additional cost.

We also provide business insurances as a part of our PAYG services. These are :-


Worker’s compensation – This insurance ensures that coverage of medical expenses are met when a contractor suffers physical injuries while they are engaged in work. It protects and safeguards the interest of the contractor by minimizing the loss of income.

  • Public liability – It helps to cover the risk of casualties which may happen to other people while the contractor is discharging their work related activities. IPS offers PL of $20 million for any one occurrence and in aggregate in respect of products.
  •  Professional Indemnity Insurance – This insurance is meant to protect your personal assets against damage which may occur when they are used during professional business activities. PI should be approved by Court. It also includes the cost of defending claims. IPS offers PI of $10 million for one occurrence and in aggregate.


IPS offers free of cost salary packaging for up to 3 work related FBT exempt items purchased during the course of contract in one FBT year. The work related items comprises of mobiles, laptops, briefcases etc.

IPS offers novated lease services in collaboration with Novated Lease Company. It boosts your savings by enabling you to purchase a new car or an old one using your pre-taxed dollars.

You can enrich yourselves to know more about our free salary packaging services by visiting our website (The services generating tax for employer are excluded)

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